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Creating a bit of a scene!

Like all small bands, our biggest problem, when we do live gigs, is getting some kind of respectable sound balance. We never seem to have enough time to do a decent sound check, and so we often feel that the overall live sound balance is not as good as we want. One possible solution to this appears to be to get a small digital mixer which will save 'scenes'. In other words, - when he have got a decent balance, maybe with some simple effects, like a bit of reverb or eq, then the mixer can take a 'snapshot' of this mix, to be recalled later on - at the next gig or whatever! There are various mixers out there which can do scene recall and we'd like one which is fairly simple to use, not too heavy for carting around, and which has decent scene recall (including fader levels).

If you know of such a mixer could you let us know (below) - (particularly if it's one you have experience of yourself).

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