My musical heroes are.....

John's Heroes...


musicians that compose memorable melodies along with good lyrics which create music that grabs your attention immediately when you hear it.

Singer/Songwriters like Clifford T Ward, Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson and Joe Walsh are just a few of those talented musicians who do that for me.


Way back in the 1970’s when I was in my early 20’s, I was a rhythm guitarist, But I was always attracted by the sound of the bass guitar. I used to listen to bands with good bassists, and it was those players who then inspired me to go, pick up a bass guitar and learn to play it. They were bassists like Jack Bruce [Cream], Chris Squire [Yes] and Colin Bass [Camel].

There are many other excellent bass players around that I have also taken notice of over the span of my playing career and they too, stimulate and motivate me to develop my own style of playing.


Currently I am influenced by bassists like Steve Rodbury [The Pat Metheny Band]. His talent and approach in playing progressive and contempory jazz is second to none.

Also, Lee Pomeroy [who has played with Steve Hackett and It Bites]. He has the ability to play technical and complicated riffs and melodies to perfection.


I personally did not persue the Slap style of bass playing, but I do admire and respect people who do it well. Mark King [Level 42], Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller, all have an exceptional talent in performing that percussive style and technique of playing the bass.


Over the years I did manage to progress to play a six string fretless bass. My current hero for mastering the technique to play this style of bass guitar has to be Steve Bailey. The feel and sound he creates along with the way he uses artificial harmonics in his playing is truly remarkable.

It’s quite surprising, my bass even looks like his!!! I wonder why?

Clifford T Ward            
Eric Woolfson
Alan Parsons
Jack Bruce
Colin Bass
Chris Squire
Joe Walsh
Steve Rodbury                Lee Pomeroy
Marcus Miller
Mark King                             Victor Wooten
Steve Bailey
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