We are a group of blokes who love playing music.

Geographically we live fairly close, in that we all live in North Wales (hence the sea in the background), and we regularly perform in the various folk clubs around this area - Ruthin, Rhyl, etc.

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Musically, we come from different areas, - blues, country, folk, soul, rock and so on. So we each  bring a slightly different take on current styles.

Tom loves bluegrass and jazz; Richard goes for folk, country and blues; John has gone through various incarnations as a prog-rock lover and many other areas; and Harry has admired blues, soul, gospel, rock'n'roll,  plus other genres. There's more detail about these preferences on our Heroes page, and there's some chat below about how we got started.

How we got together.....

When Harry (and Tom, Dick and John) met Raphael. Or, ''I'll have what they're having . . .''

Shortly after our move from Liverpool to North Wales, Christine and I started doing the rounds of the folk and acoustic clubs to see if I could get a gig (still trying!). We'd actually gigged at the one in Ruthin many years ago and tracked it down to its temporary home at Woodlands, just outside the town.


A group were introduced and they began their first song, Walkin' Cane. I was mesmerised. It was the finest music I'd heard for ages. I couldn't help myself and did a preposterous thing - I whipped out a harmonica and joined in from the floor. This is just not on. I'd be horrified if it was done to me while I was playing.


But 'the Boys' (as Christine affectionately calls them) didn't bat an eyelid. I was struck by the integrity and honesty of the down-to-earth singing - this was Richard. His guitar held it all together while the other guitar (Harry) worked in little riffs to keep it interesting. Bluesy dobro runs (Tom) added to the mix, and the whole thing was pushed along by 6-string bass (John).


The song ended to good applause. I was being beckoned to the stand by Harry - to be told off, or so I thought. Instead, it was 'fancy doing Cross Road Blues in the key of A?' This time it's Harry belting out the vocal. And what's going on? Tom's switched to banjo for this Robert Johnson blues classic. It works a treat, too. So, two lead singers and a multi-instrumentalist. And they know exactly what they're doing - can't be bad!


In no time at all I'm invited to the group's rehearsals, providing harmonica and backing vocals. One early practice session is on Gerry Rafferty's wonderful song Baker Street - could I replicate the iconic saxophone riff on the harmonica? I really didn't think I could, but encouragement from Richard and Harry spurred me on and I eventually found a way. Now I keep a harmonica in my bag purely for that song alone and it's one of our most requested.


It's been a rewarding challenge for me to come up with harmonica parts for the country, pop, ballads and 'standard' songs in the band's repertoire. It keeps me on my toes!


I still have my own solo music commitments, but I'm at every band rehearsal and full gig. And I'm on the Tom, Dick and Harry CD, too!


A big thank you to 'the Boys' for their generosity of spirit and for their quality singing and playing. 

Past Member : Raphael Callaghan.

The Tom, Dick and Harry Band.
Thank you for looking....

I'm Tom Degney from the Tom, Dick and Harry Band. 

I joined the band after a floor spot at the Ruthin All-Styles Music Club. Harry invited me to play with the band for the open mic spot, with Richard on guitar, Harry vocal and guitar, and John on six-string bass. That was back in 2010. And I'm still playing in 2017! 


My background in music revolves around jazz, bluegrass and folk. The instruments I play with the band are 5-string banjo, dobro slide, and mandolin. 

I played for over 25 years with the Dixieland Show Band and the Rainy City Bluegrass Band. Our bluegrass band was invited to tour the USA bluegrass festivals in the late 70s and 80s. 


What for the future? Well the TDH band is looking forward to the release of

a new CD (Made By Hand) out soon. 

The Tom, Dick and Harry Band.